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Botanical Name Calendula officinalis   Common Name Calendula, Marigold, Pot Marigold, bride of the sun, bull flower, butterwort. The name calendula is a diminutive Latin form of calends (or kalends), meaning “the first day of each month”. Perhaps named after when people noticed it blooming. Today it's known as fiore d’ogni mese in Italy and fleur de tous les mois in France, meaning “flower of every month.”     Parts Used The flowers: dried for tea, extracted in tincture, oils, salves, balms or lotions. Also nice in a bath or as an edible flower in food.    Native To Uncertain but possibly  North Africa, Southern Europe and/or the Mediterranean   Botanical Description Calendula is a short-lived perennial that has a sticky texture due to its high resin content. It...

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