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Elder - Elderflowers and Elderberries

Botanical Name Sambucus nigra Elder’s botanical name Sambucus is from the Greek musical instrument the sambuke, made from the hollow stems of elder wood.   Common Name Elder, black elder, blue elderberry, bore tree, bourtree, common elder, elderberry, elkhorn, sweet elder. The name elder comes from the Anglo-Saxon word aeld, which means fire, as young elder branches were used to build up fires by blowing through the hollow stems.   Parts Used The flowers: dried for tea, extracted in tincture, made into wine, cordials, champagne and jelly. The berries: dried for tea, extracted in tincture, made into syrup, wine, cordials, champagne and jelly. Slightly toxic if raw.  The leaves: dried for tea  The bark: used for its purgative, emetic and duiretic actions but toxic if...

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