This space exists to re spark your inner fire and connect you to the feminine power that resides within.

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The Wild Woman

There is a side of women that has been pushed down for far too long... 

We long to run through the trees and howl at the moon, dance with fire and run naked into the waters. But we don’t. We go to office jobs, we cover up our shoulders and our knees. We bite our tongues when misogyny creeps into conversation because being silent is easier than fighting back. 


Good god woman if you do one thing, embrace this side of you. The witch, the mysterious woman, the wild woman, the crazy woman. Let her out. Let her be free because we need the women prepared to burn everything down just to break free from the noose society has around her throat. 

And if you don't know how. Let me show you.


The Wisdom Keeper

For the curious minds and women intent on eating up every piece of knowledge she can find. Let me be your next book and read through the pages of my mind. Everything I know about women, and trust me there's a lot, is yours.

You want to learn about all the things they didn't teach you in school? Here's the bible.


The Healer

The healer is the woman that's been to hell and dragged herself out just to go back again and again to help other women do the same. She'll always have one foot in the darkness, some even say she made a deal with the devil to return so many times, but that's what makes her powerful. She isn't afraid of the shadows.

If you're stuck in hell right now, let me pull you out. 

This space is for women struggling with pms, cramps, trauma, heartbreak or a deep soul pain within that never seems to have a source. Grab my hand and learn to become the healer you always needed. Because to heal yourself is the greatest power there is.


The Rebel

Let me show you how to rebel in a society that told you to sew your mouth shut and choose a box to step into. A society that made you believe you were anything less than a goddess to be worshipped and had you feeing ashamed of the sacred gift of your bleed.

Ever wonder why you can't show up every day at work with the same levels of enthusiasm? Or why you're expected to produce the same amount work throughout menarche, every shift in your cycle, pregnancy and even menopause? 

Society wasn't made for you. In fact it was made so that you never realised you had the power of god damn mother nature inside. And like mother nature, you have your seasons. You are never the same from day to day but like nature, every season is a powerhouse in its own right with its own gifts and magic.

So let's rewrite every story they tried to shove down your throat that told you you just weren't good enough, and start to dive into your inner rhythms so that you can rebel against a society that so desperately wants to keep you in chains.


The Lover

 I've been the woman that loses herself in the love of another and I've been the woman that begs for the love of someone else just to fill her own cup. But trust me when I say, like hell will I ever be that woman again. 

Let me tell you something. The only love affair that will ever make you feel so fucking alive that the thought of it starts a fire in your veins and sends a shiver down your spine, is the love affair you have with yourself.

I am the woman I want the most, love the most, am obsessed with the most. Dancing naked every morning to music that's felt only between the thighs, I'm the women writing poetry one day and reading romance novels the next. The women dripping in freedom with honey on her tongue and flames in her eyes. Falling for myself every morning only to seduce myself over and over again every night. 

And the only reason I know how badly you want to be that for yourself too, is because i've been where you are and I know how it feels to want to beg for someones love, anyones love, just to make you feel whole. But I also know that nothing and no one can ever fill you up the way you need to be filled, unless it comes from you.

So let's take you on the greatest love affair you've ever been on. The love affair with yourself.



  I will always do a free initial call to get to know each other, chat through which container you are drawn towards, and see if we are the right fit. 
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Dabble with a 4 week container  £600

Dive deep with a 5 week container  £700

Immerse yourself with a 6 week container  £800