The Red Tent

The Red Tent

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A place that has long been used by women to gather in circles, round fires and under the light of the moon. A Red Tent is filled with the womb black pulse of life and hearts cracked wide open. The women that have seen the world and the ones that are about to go and discover it. 

It is a place of magic and freedom. Rebellion and inner knowing. Connection and softness.

It is a place to kindle the fire held within all women. 



to The Red Tent.


Inside The red Tent you will have access to:

- A whatsapp group. 

- A monthly email sharing a piece of my heart or mind that month. Included will be what i've been up to, a tarot reading for the month ahead, and the details for the zoom call. 

- A monthly live Red Tent Circle held over zoom. Details will be shared in the monthly email. 

The circle will normally start with a guided practice to drop into your body and connect into your womb space with a chance to share what's on your heart afterwards. There will then be a gentle practice/workshop held by either myself or a guest to offer lost wisdom in the way of the woman.

-  13% discount on all of my other offerings. The number of the feminine. 


E xx


p.s. A welcome email will be sent to you after confirmation, please check your junk folder if you haven't received it.