The Inner Seasons of Women: Winter/Bleed
The Inner Seasons of Women: Winter/Bleed
The Inner Seasons of Women: Winter/Bleed

The Inner Seasons of Women: Winter/Bleed

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This is an exploration of the four 'inner seasons' or phases of the menstrual cycle, and is my love letter to the feminine. An online book filled with the wisdom, science, magic and beauty that comes with connecting to our moon cycle in a conscious way.

Our menstrual cycles are a manifestation of the cycles of nature. They hold the power of life and death, pleasure and pain, creation and destruction. Like natures seasons we flow through summers of high energy, ovulation and creativity, but we also flow through winters of darkness and deep inner rest. 

I wrote this course to honour and share the wisdom of our cycles so that all women may see the power and magic their bodies hold. 

Explore the complete collection or discover individual seasons for a cost effective way to dive into the phase that's calling you the most. 

Winter - The bleed of our cycle.

Spring - The time leading to ovulation.

Summer - Ovulation.

Autumn - The time leading to the bleed of our cycle.


This WINTER mini ebook will include:

- A deep dive into the spiritual, physical, and hormonal aspects of winter

- Rituals to enhance the feminine power of winter

- Videos showcasing seasonal and yogic practices

- Seasonal wheels 

- Seasonal meditations

- Journal prompts

- Pain management 

- A practice to lesson bleed time 

- The colour of your blood 

- Sustainability when bleeding

- Receiving your blood



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