I'm Emily, a forager, writer and poet. Everything I do here is routed in reconnecting to a wilder lifestyle and a wilder self. I'm passionate about stoking the inner fire of women, teaching people to live on the wilder side of life and re connecting people to nature.

I have named these three threads that are interwoven throughout my work as 'Wild Women', 'Wild Living' and 'Wild earth'...


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Wild Women

This part of my work includes seasonal living, menstrual cycle education, blood wisdom, feminine empowerment and learning to live as your wildest, truest self. As part of this theme, I currently I offer:

The Red Tent. A monthly women's circle held over zoom.

The Inner Seasons: A guide to the menstrual cycle.

A monthly online womens circle

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Wild Living

This part of my work is about stepping outside of societal norms and making up your own rules for life. I want you to live wildy and freely, following your heart to whatever corner of the world it takes you. As part of this theme I currently offer:

Yoga Classes to connect to the elements of nature


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Wild Earth

This part of my work is about connecting to nature and our planet. This theme will encompass seasonal living, foraging tips, wild eating and environmental activism.

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