Foraging courses & workshops






Private foraging courses are available on request. These walks can be held anywhere close to you if you have some land you want to explore, or I can find some local land if not.
When booking please specify your location as I live and travel in a bus it may be some weeks or months before I am in your area (or close enough to travel to you). Sign up to my newsletter to find out if i'm close by!
Walks last 2-3 hours and as my interest is in medicine I will bring some supplies for us to make medicines from the plants we find, as well as foraged teas. Medicines will be in the form of a tincture or oxymel etc. Free medicine for all!
The prices for private foraging walks are as follows:
Groups of up to 3 people costs £150. Any additional person is an extra £10 each.
This is to help cover the cost of extra medicinal supplies.
A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking and travel fees are added as extra.

Included in the walks:

- Seasonal Foraging, and how the seasons effect which part of the plant you'd want to harvest

- How to ID edible and medicinal plants and fungi, as well as some potential poisonous lookalikes

- The impact the plants we find can have on our health

- Making your own foraged medicines including oxymels, tinctures and more, that you can take home at the end of the walk

- How to be a sustainable forager, and the radical impact of foraging!

-Folklore from the wild

- Small tasters of pre made medicines, and teas from various foraged plants from the day

- a fun day out in nature connecting to our plant elders!


To book please contact me via the contact page on my website.

See you in nature, Emily xx