Meet Emily


Leo Ascendant | Aquarius sun | Scorpio Moon  


I'm Emily, an artist, forager and writer. Everything I do here is routed in reconnecting to a wilder lifestyle and I hope to inspire others to connect to nature by capturing her magic in different ways. 


At the moment I have written and released a short (well 90+ page) ebook on the inner seasons we women go through every month during our menstrual cycle. Our cycle is a direct reflection of the seasons of nature and learning how interconnected we are can be huge to how we treat ourselves week to week.

You can find this ebook here.

 I am currently working on some poetry books, vlogs and many more exciting projects that I hope you will love. Thank you for all the support you give me. It means the world.


I'm currently nestled in the south of England, with plans to build and move into a sustainable tiny home on wheels, travel with my love, and work from home as I create more and more ways to share the magic of nature.   

Follow the journey at @emilyannahall
200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Tandy Pengally as part of The Yoga Alliance.
60hr Yin Yoga with Norman Blair
Yoni Shakti Well Women Menstrual Seasons Immersion
 Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therapy 220hrs course
 The herbal Academy: Herbalism