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 Leo Ascendant | Aquarius sun | Scorpio Moon  


Free Spirit

Since I was little i've felt a pull to nature and the unseen things that dwell there. I remember discarding dolls in favour of dancing in the fairy circle of mushrooms in my mums back garden haha. My best friend growing up was my cat and I ALWAYS without fail stopped to smell the roses on my mums drive. I guess i've always felt more myself in nature. More free.

Fast forward a few years and my teenage self started to dream of living in a van. I wanted to get further into nature, away from cities and busy towns, living simply but fully while I explored nature in all her forms. My dream was to travel and share the beauty and wisdom I found along the way.

Well, recently, I took a step towards that dream and bought a bus with my partner Toddy. We are in the slow process of renovating it into a cute cabin on wheels and I plan to share this along with the rest of my journey on my youtube channel.



I first discovered foraging after stumbling upon a hemp farm that housed an amazing forager - Justine Gens. She introduced me to foraging and I very quickly fell in love with finding wild foods and medicines in the plants around me. It just made me feel even closer to the trees, herbs, mushrooms and flowers. Especially when using them in tea in the morning.

I started my first foraging courses in 2023 and I hope to share much of my knowledge through my youtube channel, ebooks and instagram.


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Foraging Courses


My Herbarium


200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Tandy Pengally as part of The Yoga Alliance.
60hr Yin Yoga with Norman Blair
Yoni Shakti Well Women Menstrual Seasons Immersion
 Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therapy 220hrs course
 The herbal Academy: Herbalism Introductory Course
Emily Norgrove - my first yoga teacher
Jessica Lightley - Kambo and Cacao wisdom
Jill Watson - Inner wisdom and self healing
Uma Dismore-Tuli - Womb wisdom
Justine Gens - Foraging & wildcrafting
In constant gratitude to
The plants
My ancestors
The earth herself