Meet Emily

Leo Ascendant | Aquarius sun | Scorpio Moon  

I'm Emily, a yoga teacher and creative intent on igniting the inner fire of women. 
For those that don't know me my flavour is a mix of seduction and freedom. Silk slips and candle lit rooms, dancing round to music that's felt first between the thighs. Barefoot with wild hair i'm a mixture of tobacco and vanilla. Smoke and sex. A woman with tarot cards in one corner and red lace in the next.    
The outside of me is light. Sunshine and flower crowns with laughter on my lips and a fire in my eyes. But for those that look deeper you'll know my insides drip with velvet black shadows.
Welcome to my world.
 It's a place built from my bones and soul that has evolved and re-evolved countless times over the years with every rebirth that I make. Now it has become my favourite sanctuary and a place that is home to all of my work. 
What am I up to now? Well i'm currently nestled in the south of England, with plans to build and move into a sustainable tiny home on wheels, travel with my love, and work from home as I create more and more potent ways to empower the fuck out of women.   
Follow the journey at @emilyannahall
At the age of 16 Emily signed up to her first yoga class that had been offered at her school in Kent, Uk. After falling in love with the practice, at 18 years old she trained and completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Tandy Pengally as part of The Yoga Alliance.
Emily then went on to dive into Yin yoga with Norman Blair on the hunt for a more feminine approach to yoga.
 This Led her to Jill Watson, Sivani Mata and Uma Dismore-Tuli. Three integral teachers in shaping the woman Emily has become. She Trained in Uma's Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therpay 220hrs course in 2022 and has been embodying the more feminine practices of Womb/Shakti yoga since.