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Foraging and Community Herbalism

I'm passionate about working with the land, foraging, growing and generally embracing a wilder sort of lifestyle. I'm actually spending a lot of my time lately converting a bus to live in off grid. Think of it as an apothecary on wheels!

I offer foraging walks around the uk where I share the radical act of creating your own free medicines from the abundant land around you, while showing how to preserve biodiversity for future generations. Sustainability and relationship to land is, as you know, more important than ever.

As a training herbalist I dive deeper into the impact of wild plants on on our health, and teach approachable ways to create medicines for yourself and surrounding community.

For private foraging & herbalism courses get in touch via the contact form xx


Foraging Roots

I first discovered foraging after stumbling upon a hemp farm that housed an amazing forager - Justine Gens. She introduced me to foraging and I very quickly fell in love with finding wild foods and medicines in the plants around me. 

I started to learn as much as I could and enrolled in various herbalism, wildcrafting and foraging courses. You can find the exact courses I have taken below. However, I always think the best teacher is the land itself.

 I hope to inspire a deeper connection to the land by helping people fall in love with what's growing from it.


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Current Offerings

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Accreditations and Courses
Yoni Shakti Well Women Menstrual Seasons Immersion & Yoga Therapy 220hrs
Ma Roemca Foraging and wildcrafting Courses
 The Herbal Academy: Herbalism Introductory Course
The plants - Emily Norgrove - Jessica Lightley - Jill Watson - Uma Dismore-Tuli - Justine Gens